Hobart Repair

Will need to remove lockout to popwer up generator and test phase

IRIS Physical To Virtural (P2V)

  • Need to investigate fesibility of virtuyralising IRIS XP machines
  • I have thE VMware converter software ready and need to try it
  • I have tghe VMWare workstation software avaliable iof we get a good P2V image

K282 Printer

  • We have TUA to power on on IRIS
  • May look to make full RTA TPS in future.

CPC 21933: Cabin Pressure Controler

  • Need to Make VTB for Iris2000. Based on Ojmega Engineering TPS. Sam is begining top make VTB
  • input discretes are done. need to add 429 and power functions


  • unable to run as UASER:rada. Can run as baruch not sure why looks like a permission issue

*FSEU: Flap/Slat Electronic Unit

  • Fuse caps in. Caps didn’t fit had to change whole fuse holder body
  • Need top make silkscreen for front TUA panel
  • Worked through numerous TUA selftest issues
  • F5 now keeps blowiong. His is for the fixed 28vdc supply PS14. will change the TPS selftest sequence Monday to tery to find why it keeps blowing
  • Need to update TPS

BPC: Bus Power Control

  • Need to replace adrino card with custojm card
  • Need to find out status of replacement card