Hot-Box* Monitor

One of the issues with a Hot-Box is lack of knowing if the heaters are working or not. One of my customers had pipes freeze twice. Each  time it was between $10,000 to $15, 000 to repair the frozen pipes. By installing a light bar and PLC with thermistor we are able to monitor the temperatures. With the extra ethernet wireless link option and Cloud based monitoring we are able to monitor and notify the customer of any issues.

Using a Ethernet RF link we are able to span to the building 650 feet away to allow network capiility, including email, cloud monitoring, remote monitoring from the shop, and remote updates to the PLC.

If you would like more information on our cloud based or standalone monitoring units please contact or call at (716) 982-2721


Hot-Box* is a registered trademark of Hubbell Power Systems.

Adept Cobra Upgrade

Customer had a legacy work cell that had an Adept Cobra 550 4-axis robot in it. Due to reliability  and maintenance issue with the Cobra 550 robots customer decided to upgrade the Cobra 550 to a Cobra 600.

Kerr Technology Group was able to acquire and install a Cobra 600 in the users work cell.  The existing library of software is compatible between the 550 and 600 so all we had to do was transfer the software library’s and do some minor wiring changed.

Oil Filtration System Control

Customer had an existing Oil filtration system. Kerr Technology group was able to design and implement a PLC based control that allowed the existing oil filtration system to be integrated with 3 machines. We also designed the interface between the Oil filtration system and the 3 machines it services.

Braze Furnace Control Redesign

Customer had a braze furnace with old controls. Kerr Technology Group was able to redesign the entire control system with a PLC. Not only did were we able to control the braze cycle like the older control but the capabilities of the new PLC also allows for data logging and emailing.

Legacy controller and monitoring system


Redesigned PLC based controller. By removing and redesigning the entire control system we were able to add touch screen, data logging, and email features that did not exist before.


By using a PLC with a built in PID ( proportional–integral–derivative) and tuning it to the customers temperature cycle we are able to more tightly control the brazing process. Also being able to data log runs also to quality control and traceability. 

Safety Light Curtain Install

Customer wanted to add a light bar safety feature to a machine that was purchased from a foreign seller. Kerr Technology Group was able to design, install, and integrate a light bar and safety relay control into the existing PLC


Legacy VFD replacement

Customer had a Legacy Variable Frequency Drive that failed. Repair was not possible and  drive was discontinued making replacement impossible. KTG was able to replace the VFD drives with new ones available form Automation Direct.  Since the new drives were modern and programmable we were able to reprogram the drives to accept the legacy machine inputs and outputs. By doing so we were able to integrate the new drives into the legacy machine without changes to the original motors or control circuity.

Replacing Outdated Controller with PLC

Customer had a Compumotor RP240 that developed a bad display.  A used display was only available on EBay. Customer decided to replace and upgrade electronic control section.

Kerr Technology Group removed entire control box and replaced with a PLC driven control and a touch screen HMI. Using existing Proximity sensors and Xaxis worm gear KTG Replaced the outdated axis moor and drive with a current PLC and step motor system.





Legacy Machine Augmentation

Just because a machine is old does not mean it’s  not serviceable.  The rate of change of electronics and CNC/PLC technology means machine controls often become outdated faster then the mechanics.  Using Modern PLC technology Kerr Technology Group is able to design and interface newer PLC technology into a legacy machine

Using a BRX PLC from automation Direct we were able to augment the existing machine by  using  a new PLC to replace some of the older control relays. This improved uptime and reliability of the machine.  The new PLC was sized to be able to take over more control functions as the legacy control hardware becomes unstable.